Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian Butt Lift is a procedure performed to enhance the shape and volume of the buttocks where fat is removed from some parts of your body and inserted into the buttocks. You can has a natural looking, firm, and rounded shaped buttocks using the Body Jet technology. This is a two in one procedure; first fat is removed from 2 to 3 places on your body (ie. Your arms, legs, or abdomen) and then it is transferred to your buttocks. This procedure leaves you with a perfect looking bum! A Brazilian Butt Lift can also work by correcting defects and reconstructing the butt through the fat transfer method or by applying implants in some cases.

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What a Brazilian Butt Lift Can Do For You

Cost of Brazilian Butt Lift

The cost of this procedure varies, starting at $6,500 and going up to $12,000. The majority of the time, patients need liposuction of fat from two or three different places which would cause a variation in prices.

How a Butt Lift is performed

The two ways that this procedure is performed is either by fat transfer or buttocks implants. General or local anesthesia are required for this procedure, and it is performed as an outpatient surgery, not requiring patients to stay overnight.

Fat Transfer

The most common method is the fat transfer which would give you the best result! This method is combined with a liposuction procedure where fat cells are extracted from other areas where fat is not desired. Then, these fat cells are inserted into the area of the buttocks you wish to enhance. Then, the plastic surgeon will carefully shape and lift the skin and surrounding tissue to create the perfect shape suitable for your body.

Water Jet technique to Brazilian Butt Lift

Using a water assisted liposuction, excess fat is extracted. The reason a water jet liposuction is used is because fat cells have a tendency to break in nature; however, with this technique they are left intact so they can survive when transplanted into the buttocks. This new technique (Aqua-Shape) allows for a less invasive procedure which correlates to less bruising, less swelling and therefore very minimal downtime! Since water assisted liposuction gently removes fat cells, with minimal disruption to the tissues during the removal process, this high quality fat is perfect for transferring to the buttocks as it will then have a high survival rate. The most important detail is that almost all of the fat removed during liposuction is preserved and can be used to give you an even more voluminous and rounded buttocks than with traditional liposuction techniques.

Where do I get the fat?

Generally, the fat can be extracted from several body areas, however the most ideal areas would be the lower back, love handles, under the arms, and inner thighs. Two or three areas will be used to extract fat cells from to ensure that you have enough fat to enlarge the buttocks.

Butt Implants

For those requiring correction and reconstruction, want a full buttocks augmentation, or who are relatively slim and have no fat to transfer to the buttocks, implants are the answer! Due to the risks associated with butt implants, our clinic only provides the fat transfer method to Brazilian Butt Lift.